Loft Surface - Make Control Points Match Input?

Sometimes when I loft 2 curves (deg3/10), the surface (deg3/10, deg1/2) control points match the curve input. Other times the surface has the same control points (deg3/10, deg1/2), but the position of the points are skewed.

I’m not sure exactly when it works vs doesn’t, but is there a way I can force it to? RhinoScript, gh component, anything?

I think the “loose” option in Loft is what matches up surface control point locations to the control point locations of the input curves.

Hi Eric - with ‘Do not simplify’, I think I’d expect the surface point locations to match the input curves assuming these match each other - can you post the examples you have in the image?


ControlPointMatching.3dm (77.2 KB)

John, I’ve only seen loose/normal/etc apply when there are more than 2 crvs.

Pascal, I am using do not simplify. The curves on the right were flattened to the cplane to see if it would work with a 2D version (it didn’t).

Non-uniform curves in the skewy version… so the curves do not actually match in structure.
MakeUniform on the curves will fix it, but it changes the curve shapes, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.


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