Loft Increasing Control Points?

I haven’t seen this before with Loft. Usually, if I loft two deg3/11 curves, I get a deg3/11 (deg1/2) surface. This time it’s creating a deg3/15 surface. It does the same in v5 and v6.

LoftChangeOfDegree.3dm (71.4 KB)

Is there a problem with the knots in the curves, and if so, how did that happen?

Hi Eric - the curves are non-uniform and differently non-uniform - if you MakeUniform it cleans up the loft but it does change the shape of the curves.


Differently non-uniform, so RebuildNonUniform caused the problem. I’ve been using this fairly regularly on sets of curves and haven’t seen this before. They have all had the same structure in the past.

FYI, the reason I use it is to approximate heavy curves while keeping the control points even. That way the loft results in U and V’s that are perpendicular-ish and editable. What I really need is a uniform approximate curve (VSR…).