Brep.CreateFromLoft/List (like grafting)question C#


i am trying to loft lists of brepEdges, but i dont know how to input the pairs of edges so that they loft properly(like 2 grafted lists).
I hope the screenshots can explain better than i can with my words.
The fail:

The code:

The wanted result:

The file: (4.9 KB)

Thanks everbody!

For me it looks like you’re sending list not grafted lists. Look at the input…you have one list.

grafting output of move fixed it.

hey thanks,

what i dont get is for example, if i am using the native gh extrude component i dont need to graft the input.
You know maybe how can it be done it code, without grafting the input parmeter?


Just realized, the second one was a stupid question:)