Loft elements between two lists?

Hello guys!

i want to make a stair and i am stuck at the last phase. I made to lists of curves and i just want to loft the elements of two lists each other. I want to loft first item of the first list with first item of the second list etc.

What am i doing wrong? (15.0 KB)

Like this? (16.4 KB)

Thank you for your answer

not exactly this is the result i take…i want for example to loft the upper edge of the first surface with the down edge of the next surface

I wish I knew what you meant by “first surface” and “lower surface”.

ok let me try to explain…I have all these vertical surfaces. In this case you create a loft surface connect the same list edge and more specific the edge with index 1. What if i wanted to loft the edge with index 1 with the edge with index 3 of the next surface.

How’s this? (17.8 KB)

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yeah… this is what i want…thank you very much !!