Lofting results in alien shape

I tried to loft between the two edges of 2 surfaces and I get the following result:

. What is there wrong? The two curves which I extruded into the 2 surfaces have similar number of control points.
Thank you.

Hi Bogdan- can you post a file with the curves? Similar control points is not all there is to getting a clean loft, they need to have the same structure- if the same degree then the SAME control point count and knot spacing etc. See if using the Refit setting in Loft helps.


Thank you for the reply. Here is the file: Zaha Hadid.3dm(1.8 MB)

In the mean time I deleted the surface from the right, rebuilt the curve to have the same control points as the other one, extruded again and now I got a clean loft, though I am not sure what the issue was.

OK- so the edges you are lofting together are of very different lengths- the ‘innermost’ object has a kink between two surfaces and the trimmed egde does as well- that is, there are two edge at the top of one object and only one on the other object. I would either clean up the surfaces, if they are meant to be tangent, possibly MergeSrf them and re-trim, or SplitEdge the longer edge at the same point where the kink appears and make two lofts.

Zaha Hadid.3dm(141.8 KB)