Loft geometry with multiple branches to one

Hello, I need to do in grasshopper (in order to keep all the process inside the parametric workflow), a geometry that begins with two different lofts and then they have to join in one only loft. So that it begins with pairs of closed curves at each height (the two initial lofts), but at some height I have only one closed curve at each height,


Sorry for my English and thaks!


To my knowledge it’s not possible to model such a shape with a single untrimmed surface. I guess it could be possible by stitching several surfaces with BlendSrf…

I gave a try with SubD, but the intermediate sections don’t follow the curves. The shape is nice though. (19.3 KB)


Better result using C# SubDLoft and 3 curves instead of 2. The first two match, the third one is used to build the junction.

SubDJunction.3dm (28.4 KB) (20.0 KB)

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Thank you so much for your fast answer. I have to learn more about SubD, so helpfull!