Loft failing following polyline offset weave

Hi all,

Yet another silly n00b question: trying to thicken a voronoi mesh projected onto a trimmed and sinuous surface, and I can’t make this loft work.

The attached snippet is part of a much larger definition, with several instances of similar lofts going wrong, so I’m obviously not quite understanding how to weave my lists of polylines (or whatever) together and match the data correctly to get it to work.

Tried the old watching-tutorials-searching-the-interwebs, but can’t seem to figure it out. Very grateful for any hints. Sorry about the post-it craziness, as I’m still very much learning the ropes, I keep typing step-by-step notes to self on what’s going on.

Magnus (134.3 KB)

Hi @maglar2, try adding a Clean Tree component before the loft.



Here is a quick solution with Geometry Gym.

At least you will see how you must sort your curves. (439.7 KB)

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clement is right. If you add Clean Tree then it works. You have invalid geometry there. Try not creating it in a first place. (134.3 KB)

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Thanks Clement and David – the Clean Tree solution works wonders!