Voronoi thickness failed

Hello everyone. I have question-related to Voronoi thickness. I created this Voronoi structure around the mesh you see in the image. But I cannot continue making the form smoother and add thickness.

Do you have any advice? Thank you a lot for your time, it is really important for the design!


FINISHED 28.04 script on mesh voronoi.gh (11.0 KB)
ONLY THE MESH(ROOF).3dm (450.5 KB)

Hello Alone
a screen capture is not the best but you could flatten the mesh, join the mesh, unify normals … before Catmull & Clark and show the message on the red components. There are tons of examples.
Dooted wires mean DataTree, datatree for components means the component treats each branch independently.
Hope it is clear

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upload file

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Hello Tim, I uploaded the file

Hello Laurent, I uploaded image with the messages on the red components.

I looked a bit in your script, the curves lofted are not very good to transform them in mesh. So it will be better to use script like this one very close to what you do

So =>

  1. make a beautiful triangular mesh with mesh machine
  2. Make a dual of this mesh, it will be like Voronoi but with nice polygons.
  3. use Whatever you want to thicken
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Thank you Laurent for the help i’ll have a look and try this way !