Loft completed weirdly (16.6 KB)

Hello, I attempted to create surfaces using both the original separated rectangle surfaces and surfaces that have been offset or moved, but the loft command failed unexpectedly. Can anyone provide assistance in resolving the issue?


Could you Internalise all data?

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Dear Masaki (77.8 KB)
sorry, Lest me share it again

Best, Keisuke

Like this?

I kept it simple with EntWine.
I also checked Only Draw Preview For Selected Objects. (77.1 KB)

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That is because your input surfaces face different directions.
So first you need to unify the face directions or unify the Brep edges’ curve direction, then do the offset.

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Thank you, Masaki, and Quran
I am checking the scripts you sent to me to understand what’s wrong. I will send the message again when i understand or get further question.

Thank you in advance!