Loft Curves (Diagrid) into surface projected curves


I hope anyone can help me with this problem. I would like to extrude the diamond curves in the bottom surface with the diamonds projected in the top as the image show. My objective is to build a solid with the surfaces and extract the diamonds to the solid. It would be great if I can just carve the solid instead of making holes. I know one single extrusion od the diamonds would be enough, but I want to keep the differences in distance in the narrow side. If that’s impossible at least the loft of the diamonds would be great.

Thank you so much!
Ivan (8.5 KB)
Diagrid.3dm (73.9 KB)

Have a look at the attachment. Best. (20.2 KB)

Or, you don’t have to use offset surface. (18.7 KB)

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Thank you so much for your answer HS_Kim, Your solution is amazing. However it does not solves my problem entirely. If you see the image below, there is a difference in distance between the two surfaces in both sides. Do you think I can increase the size of the diamonds based on that difference? That is the reason why I thought a loft between the diamonds would make the job somehow.
Thank you so much again!

Like this? (21.2 KB)

Wooow! this is amazing. Thank you so much!
I just have one last question. When I ran the script in my computer, it left a hole which seems not to be the case is yours. Do you have any idea on why this could be?

I have no idea why. Anyway, check this as well. (21.9 KB)

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This worked perfect! and it kept all the diamonds. You are awesome!
Thank you so much!

Hello HS_Kim,
I kept working with the same geometry and I found another problem. My goal is to make a solid with the two surfaces and then extract the diamonds to the solid, but for some reason I can’t extract the diamonds. Any ideas?
Thank you