Diagrid facade, extrusion to normal & offset extrusion

Hi guys, Hope someone can help complete this grasshopper definition.

As you can see on my attached images, I’m trying to build a diagrid facade with thickness.

Couple of things I’m failing to do is extrusion to normal, I think I did what I should do but diamonds are overlapping each other when extruded, especially all edge triangles created by ‘clean tree’ are extruding downwards. (image attached)

*because the surface is curving, some overlapping won’t be avoidable so I will be happy if I can fix all the edge triangle extrusions…

Second thing I would like to achieve is offset of each diamonds modules so I have gaps between them. (image attached)

DIAGRID FACADE_test.3dm (270.1 KB) Diagrid facade_test.gh (14.8 KB)

In this case, maybe you could use Surface Morph.

Diagrid facade_test_re.gh (20.2 KB)

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Thank you so much. I really like the clean geometries.

Is it possible to add a control where I can attract/ repel by selected Rhino curves or points instead of using the ‘Curve middle point’ component.

Check this as well and please change your rhino document absolute tolerance to 0.001…

Diagrid facade_test_reV2.gh (27.5 KB)

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This is perfect! Just changed the absolute tolerance too. Thanks a lot!!