Loft and Seams

This has bugged me for a long time and I am in the middle of doing a lot of lofts so it is really bugging me now. I have two close curves that filleted rectangles with the same radii and differ only in the length of two opposite sides.

If I do CRVSEAM on one curves I get:

If I do the same on the other I get:

So the seams are aligned to the same relative point on the curves.

If I do loft I get this:

Then I have to do the additional step of selecting “Natural” to get them aligned:

Why do I have to do this extra step?

According to the documentation:

" Natural

Moves the seam points to the way they were at the beginning of the command."

That’s clearly not the case because selecting Natural at the beginning of the command is moving the seam points.

Post a .3dm file with the curves.

Hello- I guess this means the seams as they were before being selected for the command. I’ve lobbied in the past for Natural to be the default, but I have not, eveidently, been forceful enough - I would certainly prefer it and it seems to me to make more sense.


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Problem Loft.3dm (20.2 KB)

It looks like Loft has some pseudo-intelligence built in which tries to guess how the curves should be aligned. Does not make sense to me.

@pascal Keep lobbying.