How does Rhino decide on initial loft alignment?

This has been keeping me up at night. Sometimes when I select loft frames that have their seam in the same corresponding direction and location, Rhino has the loft correctly aligned to start. Other times, I have to select natural. Why does Rhino not take the natural approach to begin with?

Can you please post a small example file that illustrates the problem you’re asking about?

I agree - I’ve always thought Natural should be the default. I am pretty sure there is a YT for this someplace but I will make another if needed.


Problem Loft 4.3dm (3.5 MB)

If one does CRVSEAM on at a time, they are all aligned. If you select them all and do CRVSEAM they show up as in this loft (before natural).

Did you find the YT item you were thinking of?

Bug track item added -

RH-58650 Loft: closed curve seam alignment