Cannot Change Seams for Loft

In the attached file I have three circles that I want to use with a straight section loft. If do a loft it is all twisted.

So now I do CRVSEAM and get this

Then I change it to this and save.

If I do another CRVSEAM I am back to the way the seams were before. However, if I do CRVSEAM on circle individually, it says the seam is where I moved it to. But, if I do a loft, the seams are back to the way they were. So is there any way to set the seams to that I do not have to move them each time I do a loft?

Problem Seam.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi Jim - use the ‘Natural’ option on CrvSeam and Loft to get the actual existing seams and not a cooked up semi-intelligent guess (=Automatic) which does a fine job sometimes but not always.



I can use Natural on CrvSeam but does not stay in place. I have to do it every time on the loft.