SubD best practice for modelling a curved banquette

I want to create a semi-circle SubD banquette seat base. I’ve tried a variety of different approaches but I just can’t seem to find the right way to do it. Sweep, offset surfaces, Quadremesh, all create weird geometry.

Can anyone help with a best-practice approach?

The old way I used to model banquettes: extrude a profile, fillet edges, maybe cage edit to give it some puffiness:

My SubD experiements are coming out weird:

Sweep 1 rail a SubD friendly curve, cap, triangles on, added edge loops

Offset a curved planar surface:

Completely forgot how I did these two:


what does subd buy you here? It looks like your old technique is working well…

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More realistic looking upholstery I can manipulate better than cage edit

so use subd for what you need it for and build everything else in nurbs.

you can use subd friendly curves and subd sweep 1, then offset to get the thickness. do this creased, and modify as needed… then add bevels for the corners and remove the creases.