Locking Rhino Files

Hi all,
So I have posted a couple times about this project I am on in various areas of the forum. My boss wants our model to be published directly to the shop floor with ZERO drawings, utilizing only Rhino if possible.
If we do this I fear some one in the shop will accidentally modify a part and save over the file with little or no knowledge they did it. Is there a way to lock the model from modifications or lock tools or something to that effect?



If you copy such files to the shop floor you could just set them to be read-only.

And just to be sure, unlock all layers, SelAll and Lock everything. The select all the layers and lock those…

Everything will be double locked. Then make your file read-only… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, thats the current way we are thinking. I really want to just limit / cut off the ability to edit anything as people do some weird stuff and then cant get back to normal. Seen it happen and then I end up in the shop trying to figure out what happened.