Local or global coordinate system and referencing external drawings + Extract geometry from block

Hi all,
I would like to have other users opinions and feedback + some advice about what is the best way to do:
i work in infrastructure projects with large work areas. All the structures are drawn or modeled in global coordinate system ( 25495000,6670700,0 in m for example, 0,0005m precision). We have a lot of dwg drawings to reference in our models so the easiest would be to use worksessions and work in global. However, many programs and plugins don´t support being far away from origin (Mapping textures is buggy, Gh used to be shaky as well + many more…)

  1. Is it still advised to work in local even with rhino6?
  2. What is the best way to handle references in global or in local (no possible offset of references with worksessions and the import command creates a lot a “blocked” layers that can´t be grouped) or to offset them?

Any pluggin to take care of that?

Thanks for sharing!!

Hello - this might help -




Thanks for your answer! This is a useful article but not really applicable to my case: The references I am using are updated constantly (for example from other disciplines) so i need to keep an active link with my references.

It seems that the best way is to use a Linked Block with an offset but that leads to the issue of being able to select and copy objects from a block (ie Extract geometry from a block)

I saw that @pascal you wrote a scrip a while ago to paste geometry from a block, do you know if it became a part of Rhino 6 or do i still need to run a specific script to do that?

Hello - You’ll need the script. Hm… I do not remember the script, though. What is it called?


Here is the post where your script was mentioned:

And if somebody else is interested, here is another script that was posted there too:

That would be a good feature to add in Rhino 7 (Especially because this can be done with worksessions, but no offsets are allowed with worksessions…)

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This is a recurring problem. Working in global makes file management easy, since all external drawings are linked in the same place. I usually try to work in global but I do bump into bugs from time to time in R6 - tolerance related issues.

I wish that the Cplane position would change the coordinate system, like in Revit. Project coordinates = Cplane, Global coordinates = World. This way if the Cplane is closer to the geometry the coordinates won’t have 1 million digits. @pascal, what do you think about this?

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