How to maintain insert Block location in the geo previous world space?

hi, when I use “Insert Block as link ( reference )” it forces me to specify the new location in 3D space. how do I set this to match the original world location?

for instance, a surface is created in another software located at world 10,20,0 (x,y,z)

when I attempt to import in rhino using insert block, I would like to have it sit on rhino world 10,20,0 as well.

how do I achieve this?

Hi Runnie- type in W0,0,0 as the location for the inserted file. The insertion point should be the World origin in the incoming file.


Do you only want one instance of the block? Worksessions might be something to look into as well.

Hi pascal, thanks, that does the trick, the only problem now is I cant reference a Block instance with specified name in Grasshopper. Ill try to look for some GH addon to deal with this thanks :smile:

Hi SamPage, Worksessions is great but I cant pipeline my Geometry to Grasshopper with worksession