Lobo Rover Concept Design

I took some time to design my own Lobo Rover for researching purposes in Mars. Talking about concept, wanted to do something “Bulky” and of course I took the Rhino as my first reference. Solar panels, robotic legs, tanks for air and water, automatic doors, vr driving experience, air filters, etc are just some things that I took in count when I created the whole concept. I wanted to create more complex materials, play more with illumination and cameras but also tried to do some simple studio images to showcase in a fast way the work that I have done on this concept.


Great model!
I’ve seen cool results if you now take these images and throw them at an AI like midjourney etc… would be fun to see what the robots come up with using this as a starting point.

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It is a wonderful work as a Mars walker machine :slight_smile:

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Amazing. Small suggestion; the front is to abrupt. It looks like a triangle. I like the geometry of the rear, maybe do the same in front ?

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I thought it said Robo Lover and now I can’t unsee that - great model!