Load GHA assemblies in background


I would like to load Grasshopper in background when Rhino starts, I found out that I can instantiate a GH_ComponentServer and call componentServer.LoadExternalFiles(false); or just call to getter Instances.DocumentServer; which runs the logic to load GH and external files in a background worker for instance, but I’ve realized that it makes crash GhPython and some times throws an Acces Memory Violation Exception which is not good at all!

Is there a way to run GrassHopper silently in background?


Sorry, missed this. I think I was on holiday a month ago…

There isn’t a way of doing this for GH1. Some processes will run just fine on background threads but then one of them decides to do some UI stuff and boom, you crash out. Multi-threaded and background loading will have to wait until GH2.

No worries!

I’ll wait for GH2 then, at the moment loading on the main thread.
Thanks for answer!