Live Trimmed Surface Edit

I have been surface modelling and I always find it difficult/annoying that I can’t see end result (after trimming/splitting), what I do is lay out a buncj of surfaces hoping that it will look good once everything is splitted and joined.

What I am looking for is a way to split all surfaces with eachother, and when turning on control points I can edit the original surfaces and the splits/trims will automatically update instead of having to manually untrim surfaces just to split again. Does anybody have a solution for this? I really thought record history would allow this kind of operation. Maybe a plugin exists for this?


Hi Philip - yeah… there is no way to do this now - having Trim use History was tried but it runs into problems updating when the number of output objects changes with the edit. What you might be able to use, possibly, is Intersect all the surfaces with History on, and then at least see the intersection curves update with surface edits.