Live Soap Film

Hi all,

Does anyone know anything about how to replicate the behavior shown in Daniel Piker’s video ‘Live Soap Film’ ?

I’ve searched through the forums but can’t find an example of the live component in use, plus I imagine there might be some tricks in the generator of the mesh from the curves which I can’t quite understand.

Thanks for any help or advice!


Here’s one example: Tensile surface from curves:
I was thinking I’d posted more, but maybe not, thanks for reminding me - I’ll share some other examples soon

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Here’s a better one - more like what is shown in the video (26.6 KB)
It includes an option to turn on volume preservation for CMC surfaces, plastic drag and bending for the boundaries, and a few different starting meshes to choose from.

Note that although the vertices can redistribute, the total number of vertices stays fixed, and also the number of points on each boundary. So while the starting mesh doesn’t need to be a great mesh, the ratio of boundary points to internal points should be reasonable.
Also, the number of boundaries and the genus (number of ‘handles’) of the mesh stay the same. I’m working on an update though that will also allow genus change.

One thing to watch out for - I’ve realised there’s a bug with the grab goal where occasionally it will cause an error if the simulation is reset and the last grabbed point had an index higher than the number of points in the new simulation - if this happens you can work around it by selecting the grab component,and using Ctrl-X,Ctrl-V to cut it then paste it back in, which works to reset its index.


Daniel, could you please internalise the meshes?


My mistake. I updated the file above now with the meshes internalised