Tensile surface from curves:

Hi. I have a bunch of curves that I’d like to connect with a tensile surface. I’ve tried a bunch of definitions with Kangaroo, but they all seem to be working with points. Is there a definition where I can use the large circle as a border and the three floating ones as points that pull it upp? (see image).

It seems rather straight forward, but I can’t seem to make it work.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Janaka,
did you mean to include an image or link with this post?

Yeah, sorry, the image somehow didn’t upload. Fixed it now.

Generally you do need to define some sort of mesh for the surface first.
Here’s one way using the LiveSoap component that adjusts the mesh as it is running

circles_tensile_example.gh (19.5 KB)

Alternatively, you can define the patches by manually building a coarse quad mesh first then subdividing. This can be useful if you want to divide into strips later for fabrication.


That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

I haven’t tried the soap components enough to understand how to use them yet. Will definitely look into them more.