I want to make a special-shaped model with grasshopper

I used two methods to make the effect like the picture, but it is still a bit different from the shape of the picture. May I ask the expert to help solve it. Thank you very much.

千足虫构建极小曲面.gh (27.7 KB)

I recognise your top image - it is a sculpture by the one of my favourite artists Eva Hild.

This is not a simple mathematical surface, so you won’t be able to get this form just by tweaking the variables of a gyroid. She creates the pieces by hand, without computer or equations.

While the forms do often appear similar to minimal surfaces (zero mean curvature), note that the piece in your image has some bulbous regions of positive curvature, which cannot occur in a minimal surface.

I’ve been working for a while to develop ways to sculpt similar forms digitally, and with the LiveSoap function in Kangaroo I was working towards something like that

when you include pressure you can also get positively curved CMC (constant-mean-curvature) surfaces:

However, pieces like the one by Hild above are not CMC or minimal. I think they have non-constant but very smoothly varying mean curvature. I have been working on an energy to minimize variation in mean curvature that I think would help with modelling things like this, but it isn’t ready yet.