Having a trouble to make curves into a shape

Hello, I am doing a research on visualizing sounds into 3d shapes. I got these results from a processing code, but I couldn’t join curves into a shape. My rhino classmates couldn’t make it either so far. Any comments and advices are welcome!

  1. dxf file (Raw file)
    output.dxf (1.2 MB)

  2. Rhino file (Trimmed Version)
    output.3dm (5.1 MB)

Hi Jinyong - as far as I can see the dxf has a ‘shape’ already - as a mesh

What else did you need to do with it?


Hi, Pascal.
I got it! Yes, there is a mesh under curves. I feel I am stupid. :smile: Thank you so much!


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Hi Jinyong - the mesh is a bit messy - run AlignMeshVertices on it at the default settings, I think is OK. Then you can for instance OffsetMesh, with Solid set, to get a printable object.
output_PG.3dm (264.2 KB)


I am working on it. I will attached if I completed successfully. :wink:

I made it ! Thanks a lot, Pascal.

output_advanced.3dm (8.8 MB)

Hi Jinyong - looks good.

(BTW, if you email or post Rhino files, it helps to SaveSmall first, to remove the remporary shading meshes from the file and make it smaller, sometimes a lot smaller.