How to re-order the order of the list / how to re-order the list order in a specific order? (42.2 KB) ReggioEmiliaStation 007.3dm (543.7 KB) (60.3 KB)

Hi friends,

I wonder if there is way to due with this situation. I just set surfaces in GH surface component, it seems to be in the right order, but when it goes to picking the elements of the surfaces, the selected components are not what I want in some reasons. So I try to pick the surfaces out and select them. Then Im realized I need to put these surfaces back to the or

Which of the two GH files do I need to study? looks more complex and requires two plugins so I’ll skip that one.


Even so, it’s not obvious at a glance what you want to sort?

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How did you set them? Make sure you right click the surface parameter and go to set multiple and select them in the order you want. Don’t select them first and then set, otherwise they will be in the order in which you drew them in Rhino.

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Hi, thanks for your reply, sorry for the confusion on the different version of file. I should just upload one of them, the list Reorder. Basically I want to sort the surface ribs back to the original order as the number showed above.

Thanks for you suggestion. I did the wrong procedures !!

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Hi Kim, thanks for your solution, it’s a very clever way. I just wonder how the ‘to polar’ work in this situation.