List of rooms where windows are located

Dear All,
I would like to get the list of rooms where the input windows are located. I’ve tried to use Analyze Instance Space but grasshopper output was: “Revit Spatial Element ” .

My main question is why I can’t get the list of rooms with its names as it was defined in Revit?

I remember that in the past I’ve got the list of rooms where windows are located using component Analyze Instance Space. If this component has been changed recently?

Generally my main issue is to sort windows which are located in the same rooms but I believe when I will get list of rooms I will manage to sort input windows using grasshopper Create set and Replace Members - if it’s easier way to do this using RhinoInside Revit components please give my any advice how to do it.

I will appreciate for any help.

Analyze Instance (11.4 KB) Analyze Instance Space_windows and rooms.rvt (4.1 MB)

This was a bug on the previous release that is already fixed, please update as usual from here.

Sorry for my late reply. Thank you very much, now it works.

I think this stopped working in the new update

Can you provide more information? Revit Version, RiR Build?

Everything seems fine. (10.8 KB)

I am trying to put together a little script to rename windows en masse based on the room they are in and I noticed both my script and your example above produce a bunch of null outputs.( I noticed this is happening when more than one window is in the same room usually? ) Is there a way around this to be able to get the specific room that corresponds to the window element?

It’s either in the From Room or To Room, if not it gets a null. You can use the Combine Data component to merge corresponding null sets before getting the name.


Thank you for the blazing-fast reply! That worked like a charm, don’t know how I didn’t notice that earlier.