"Query Rooms" doesn't return all rooms

Not sure why “Query Rooms” only returns certain rooms. In the screen shot, it only returns rooms limited in a small area on Level 03

Hi Hali,

What version of Revit are you querying? What are the Elements / Variables i need to setup to test this properly? (or send a small example) Thanks.

Hey Japhy,

I’m in Revit 2021. I tested in a new file, it seems to be fine, but once it is in our project file, “Query Rooms” fails. As you can see in the new screen shot we have 2214 rooms. When using “Query Rooms”, only 32 rooms on Level 03 showed up.

For this, it is only the Room element. For Variables, I’m trying to filter out rooms using those input you provide in “Query Rooms”.
Sorry that I cannot share with you the project file, it is protected by NDA.

I’m not seeing it on an example i just setup; 10 floors, 200 rooms.

Yeah, maybe its just our project file got messed up. Never mind.

Hello! I have a similar question but not the exact same one. I am querying the rooms in my workflow and for level 14 I get a different order of the rooms compared to the other levels (in level 13 for example the room order in the list is the same as all the other levels) Do you guys have any idea why this is happening? Its like the room list is shifted somehow.

I appreciate your time and support :slight_smile:

The output order is the Element Id, if you are looking to do so alphabetically or by Room # you’ll need to sort in an additional step.

You can gather particular rooms at the start of the definition this way as well.

Well, I am trying to figure out if it is a logical mistake I ve made (in Revit) or if it is a component issue. What I am trying to do is pick rooms with the same function at all levels. However this issue makes the attempt more complicated. Here is a visualization of my problem.

Thank you Japhy for the swift reply!
I appreciate your time and support :slight_smile:

240415_for forum_.gh (13.4 KB)

Sorting after by name might work better for you, your particular naming and grouping may require something slightly different depending on your requirements.

Re_Room_Name_Sort-R8-RiR.gh (10.4 KB)