New component names vs. old components documentation


I’m beginner to Rhino.Inside and have noticed that your support page with guides and samples has different names than components themselves in grasshopper plugin. For example - I have problems finding ‘Analyse Spatial Element’ component.
Are there any plans on updating the existing support pages?



Here is what I am using right now.

  1. Model Input Category picker to select Rooms.
  2. Use the Category Filter to filter all the Categories
  3. Use the Query Elements to get all the elements that fit the filter
  4. Turn the Elements into Rhino geometry with the Element Geometry component.

This is also covered on the Spatial Elements Page

Does that help?

If it does help, where were you looking before for an example? I am trying to figure out how we can make it clearer? Is the problem that it is hard to find these components?

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Hello @scottd ,

Thank you for your reply. I assembled the graph the same you did in your post.
My question was regarding some components that are shown in (for example) the exact link you posted ( Spatial Elements Page) but are missing/changed(?) in the latest release, like here:

I cannot see neither “Boundary Location” or “Analyze Spatial Element” anywhere in Revit plug-in in Grasshopper (please correct me if I am wrong). I wanted to use different Boundary Location and that was the source of my question.

To answer your questions - I was looking exactly on this page, I found components I needed (although the names of components are different time to time), it seems that some components that are shown in workflows on “Guides” page of documentation are not present in plug-in (like the ones I gave example of).

Have a nice day.

Oh yeah, Those are super new components. In the Guides if there is a big red button, those are prototype Python components by @eirannejad which can be downloaded on that guide. Download with the button and place the python component in the Grasshopper User Objects folder.

As we convert them to official components they will be added to the Revit Toolbar.

Many of the spacial analysis components are setup like this right now.

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I was sure these used to be included in the package, it turns out they will be.
Everything’s clear now, thank you.