List Number to Point - distribute on the X axis

Good evening everyone and sorry for the inconvenience. But I just can’t get there. I have collected a list of values ​​that represent the high points of a sine curve. But I can’t distribute them on the X axis and then get to build the curve. What should I do? Thanks to those who will be able to help me



sistemiamo VALORI ALFA E BETA SOGGETTO 1 E (69.7 KB)

GIGO nonsense! You are lost, my friend. It takes two coordinates, X and Y, to define points on a sine curve.

If you feed the constant X value you’ll get this:

It doesn’t look like a sine curve to me
This one either where I ignored sorting:

Are you sure those values represents sine? The majority of them represents similar value.

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The fact is that I captured these values ​​with the Grasshopper extension for reading EEG waves with Brainwave, then the “captured” values ​​(per second) were remapped in a range from 14 to 40.
So, probably these numbers do not even know consecutive but they represent the highest points of the waves.

Thanks for your interest


Anything like this? (cheated a bit: made with interpolated curve)

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Yes, I believe that the solution is close, for me it is important that the height on the Y axis is the one extracted from my list of numbers.

Thanks, you have already helped me a lot with the previous solution

Yes they are.
I have mirrored them along X axis and controlled the X spread, then moved all below X by the half of the single spread unit to get reasonably looking ‘sine’. Not a rocket science though.

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Ahahaha Thanks! You do what you can with what you have. Unfortunately I couldn’t work in realtime with those values ​​and so I’m trying to do a simulation of what the effect of the wave would have been on a geometry. :heart_eyes: