List management

Hey guys!
I have a simple question.
I have a list with two branches (indices 0 to 6). Now i want to reorder/create a list where the values of both 0 indices, both 1 indices etc. are in the same branch. How can i do this?

Check this. Seems like Flip Matrix is what you want…

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thank you! that’s exactly what i was looking for

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Hey guys, i have another simple problem…i want to create a true false pattern out of two lists but everything i get is this:

how can i solve this problem?

Don’t call it simple if you can’t do it!

Read this, esp. 3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files:

sorry for (20.8 KB)
ccg.3dm (210.5 KB)

first of all, you can ‘internalise data’ so as not to need to upload the 3dm file…

secondly, you have in the first input 7 lists of varying lengths and in the second input 1 flat list of 17 entries…
even with the image it’s not clear (to me at least) what you are trying to compare…
some more explanation pls! :slight_smile:

also: Jeder mag beethoven, aber nicht jeder spricht deutsch!

Hi aris! thanks your answer but minutes ago i found the solution…it was really simple, i just had to to compare two other lists :wink: