List Items doesn't operate on corresponding sub lists

Hello Dear professionals.
Could you please advise me how to make grasshopper working properly with lists.

I have a trimmed surface (Pic 1, dark green color):

I divided this surface with David Surface component which generated a list of points (pic 2):

I want each point of this newly generated point grid to check distance to all boundary points (pic 3)

So I have the next list structure (pic 4)

Under Path {0} I have my trimmed surface boundaries that represented with list of points.

And in the lists with points (Pic 5) grids under path {0} I have the corresponding points to check with boundary points from pic 4

I need each point (67 points total) from points grid of trimmed surface to check distance with each boundary point (84 points total). If I will do graft I dont have a popper result:

I expected to get 67 lists with 84 values (distances) in it. But looks like grasshopper doesn’t want to match first index from path which is 0 with another lists like {0;*}.
Could you please advise me how grasshopper reads paths indexes to match the data or how can I achieve the desired result?
I work in rhino 5