List from block names

Hi All
Bare with me - still in my early days of Grasshopper. I’ve got a bunch of blocks (well, toilets, actually), and I’d like to select them by name from something similar to value list, but using the block names instead of just 1, 2, 3 etc. I’ve come as far as getting the block names via Elefront, but have no idea how to “populate” some sort of selection window/drop down with the names. I’m attaching both gh and 3dm, as the blocks loose their names, if they are internalised (is there a way around that also?)
TIA, Jakob

wall mounted toilets.3dm (13.0 MB) wall mounted (18.5 KB)

Not quite following, you are selecting them by name.

selecting options are many…

the item selector is a human component

Hi @Rickson
Sorry for the bad description! What I’m looking for, is to have the block names (which are catalogue numbers) visible in some sort of selection box - similar to the One, Two, Three I have in the value list. Aiming to make it simpler for other users in the office (that are not at all Rhino savy - even less so than me :grimacing:).
TIA, Jakob
Human it is! Just what I’m looking for! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: