Memory question to "Reading Block by Name" component

I am working on the material takeoff with a 600 Mb rhino 3D model, built from around 5000 blocks.
I have a Lenovo core i9 laptop with 64 GB Ram.

I use Elefront to read in the blocknames, this is fast.

But when I connect the Reading Block By Name component, this take ages to read the blocks into Grasshopper, and the memoryusage is close to 64 GB.

I would like to know, what is the reason this hughe memory usage, and how could I speed up the reading block by name process.

Have anybody experiences or suggestion for this?

Any answer helps!

The first place I would look is whether the Grasshopper preview settings are set to “Shaded” (which is the default setting). If so, then GH is generating visibility meshes for every block, which is what would be eating up that 64 GB of memory. I would suggest setting this to the wireframe view or even better, off altogether.


You will need to have this setting in place before you load the blocks, otherwise all of those preview meshes will still be sitting in memory.

If you have a go with that, and it’s still sucking up a huge amount of memory, let me know and I will have a look.

Another tip: if you do still want someway to visualize which blocks you have selected, but don’t necessarily need to see the block’s geometry in detail, you can try the Ghost geometry option here, which will represent only the bounding box.

Hi Keyan,

Thank you for the recommendation!
It was usefull, the speed is much faster, and the usage of the memory is much less.

Tanks again!