Linked ToolBar files problem

Hi there,

using Rhino (8.0.23304.9001, 2023-10-31) i cannot close linked toolbar files from this dialog:

When i right click an entry below Linked Files and choose “Close” the entry is removed from the list. Once i close and reopen Rhino 8, the entry is still there. If the linked entry contains a floating ToolBar, the floating ToolBar is always opened again. How can i close a ToolBar permanently ?


Hi Clement - is the linked file provided by a plug-in?


Hi @pascal, yes.

I’ve put the PlugIn(s) related to these ToolBars in load protection but Rhino 8 ignores this completely. It even registers the command names of the load protected PlugIn and they still autocomplete. But once i try to run such a PlugIn command, Rhino tells me:

Unknown command: SomeCommandName

btw. it is pretty hard to find where a linked file is located since the path is not shown anywhere. This is a regression from the good old ToolBars dialog imho.

Hi Clement - ok, thanks, I’ll ask the developer about this.
RH-78424 Toolbars - load with blocked plug-in
@clement - does that bug report correctly describe the problem you point out?


Hi @pascal,

today i’ve tried to assist someone installing an updated toolbar in Rhino 8 which turned out to be unnecessary complex. The user had an old version of my toolbar which was automigrated from Rhino 7 after he installed Rhino 8 for the first time.

We tried to close the old Rhino 7 toolbar either from:

Rhino Options >Toolbars > File > Close…

or by entering:

-_ToolBar _Collection _Close _Name...

In both cases the toolbars where closed but after reopening Rhino 8 they where opened up again (+ on a different screen than they where before closing).

Sharing toolbars is imho a nightmare at this time. I’ve send the user a *.rui file which he tried to open on his system. The rui file contains 1 ToolbarGroup and multiple ToolBars with desired order. It seems the user was only able to see the toolbars on his side, but no ToolbarGroup.

The user then tried to create the missing ToolbarGroup on his own by enabling the checkboxes before the ToolBar name one by one. when clicking on a checkbox in the _ToolBar dialog, each toolbar was either opened in front of the dialog near the mouse cursor or behind the options window. In the past, i’ve been able to save the *.rui file with a floating ToolbarGroup and when i shared this the content was opened on the users system at the same place where it was saved. This unfortunately is not possible anymore.

Will ToolbarGroups be saved in *.rui files in the future as it was in R7 ? If not, how and what to share so the user does not have to create the ToolbarGroup(s) on his own ?

How to persistently close an opened *.rui file or tell R8 that it should not load it again ?

PS: This issue is not related to blocked PlugIns as listed in above bug report. I think R8 should be able to keep a toolbar closed without blocking a PlugIn or ?