Toolbar cannot be closed with script

I’m also experiencing toolbar closing issues when using the API running Rhino 8.5. When using the Close() method to close an open toolbar in Python it doesn’t work.

To reproduce the issue:

  1. Load the attached Test_Toolbar.rui file: Test_Toolbar.rui (1.2 KB)image

  2. Try and close it with Python:

import Rhino.RhinoApp as app

for file in app.ToolbarFiles:
    if "Test_Toolbar" in file.Name:
        print("closing toolbar {}".format(file.Name))

Any ideas? Thanks!

hi @bfrederick thanks for reporting
RH-81346 Toolbars can’t be closed by script

Hi @Gijs, please also note this, Toolbars can’t be saved by script.


Seems like many ToolbarFile APIs don’t work in Rhino 8 since the beta, check also Exception iterating RhinoApp.ToolbarFiles in latest WIP