Help getting geometry to follow animated strandbeest grasshopper lines

I have borrowed Daniel Piker’s script for Theo Jansen’s strandbeest walking mechanisms.
I wondered if there is a way to make my geometry follow the animated lines/points in Piker’s script so that I can animate the leg with this more complex structure?

Walking - (15.1 KB)

You can create a frame from the line segment and orient geometry using this like so: (16.8 KB)

(Here I’ve created the geometry from the lines so the order matches automatically, but if you want to make it some other way in Rhino, you need to make sure to reference it in the same order as the line segments)

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Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much for getting back to me - this really helped. (And thank you for Kangaroo - I’ve had great fun playing around with it!)

I have had a go at mapping my rhino geometry but am not an expert with grasshopper lists - I resorted to using a list item and just plugging them into the orient geometry tab in the correct order. Is there a better way of doing this?

Also do you know if there is a way to reference the geometry into grasshopper as a block or group, so that I can edit it afterwards (say for example I wanted to explode the leg but keep it animated)?

Finally, is there an alternative to HFrame? So that the leg can be vertical in rhino? (519.4 KB)