Link text in leader to similar instances

Im working on a set of drawings with about 15 sheets at the moment, many sections, and many of these have the same text repeated in leaders…it would be nice if I made a change to one leader, the other leaders with the same text would update likewise. Is there such a function?

Hi @PeterB,

you may try this way:

  1. Under Options > DocumentUserText create a new entry with your name & value

  2. Select your leaders, from properties dialog, click the fx button, then choose DocumentUserText on the left of TextField dialog, highlight your name (key) on the right and click OK

  3. If you now edit the DocumentUserText value, all leader text will update.


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Dang, that’s an interesting way to go about it. We might start using just that.

Hi @Asterisk,

we used this a lot. The good thing about it is that you can mix it with individual text per leader.


Doesn’t work… just shows “%<DocumentText(“leader 1”)>%” in the leader. I guess I need to code the line in documentusertext instead of just writing in the actual text…maybe it needs a prefix like this in the value field?:

text: “8x10 BEAM AT 16” O/C"


how do you assign it ? Per UI or per script ? If i have eg. a prefix per leader named "Prefix: ", the text is:

Prefix: %<DocumentText("MyLeaderText")>%

After asigning it through the UI. Maybe try to remove the space in the key of the DocumentText and check if the ‘’ signs are the cause for the failjure. Using the UI, i see this behaviour:

btw. If you assign this through a script, did you change .Text or .TextFormula ?