Leader Text Function


So I think the LeaderText() is broken in python. It won’t set the text to a new value.
In trying to look under the hood. It looks function try’s to set the geom.TextFormula

if text is not None:
    geom.TextFormula = text

Shouldn’t it be setting the geom.Text property??

Also I tired to use the edittext() sample project from the rhino common wiki but it won’t work on a leader either.

Suffix for DimCurveLength leaders
(Dale Fugier) #2

I don’t see enough exposed to do what you want. I’ll try to get something added for a future service release.


I am a little confused are you looking for more information from me?

(Dale Fugier) #4

Nope, just letting you know we have work to do in RhinoCommon…


OK thanks. That is what I initially thought, but then started second guessing myself.

(Steve Baer) #6

I just fixed this bug. The fix should show up in SR8. Thanks.