Atom Autocomplete issues

Continuing the discussion from Link mixup with 'check for updates' in RC1:

Were you able to reproduce this issue? @Alain, you might want to take a look.

hey @dan

sorry i didn’t re-respond to that… i’ve been pretty busy using rhino lately and not much time to test things :wink:

on my laptop (as opposed to the computer which i’m having the reported problem with), i recently updated to rhino-python 0.6.2 along with RC2 and things appear to be working fine (or, things Are working fine… i’ve been scripting for a project all morning)

this weekend, i’ll have some time to check the other computer and update rhino-python to the latest 0.6.2 release… (which i don’t believe was available a few days ago when i originally mentioned the problem)… i’ll reply with my findings tomorrow.

Cool. Thanks!

Hi. I didn’t make any changes on the Rhino side but I did patch the rhino-python Atom pkg from 0.6.1 to 0.6.2 to update to the latest APIs. I normally wouldn’t make any changes at this stage but Atom 1.0 will be released very soon (in June) and when that happens all the deprecated APIs will be removed. There shouldn’t be any noticeable changes. Let me know if you encounter any problems.

so the computer i was having problems with…

i didn’t update anything and it’s all working as expected… the only thing that changed was i’ve since rebooted the computer and that ironed out whatever glitch i was experiencing…

sorry for the false alarm.

fwiw, the actual problem was happening in Atom… it gave an error “(something like) rhino isn’t listening for requests”… but autocomplete was working during all of this so there was at least some sort of communication going on between the two programs… the problem was that i couldn’t trigger the script to run from within atom… instead, i’d have to save the script then run it from rhino via RunPythonScript