Link massing GFA to Corresponding plots

Hi Guys,
I’m trying to find a way to link the GFA of all the massing(magenta/blue) in a plot(in red) in the masterplan to be linked to each other. In a way that I can extract the information that total GFA in this plot as per the massing is x.

I’ve tried to contour and do mass addition to get the overall area but not sure how to structre the data tree in a way it can be link to the massing in each plot to eventually extract the information to an excel sheet.

Attaching the .3dm and .gh here Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

GFA (7.2 KB)

Massing GFA.3dm (4.5 MB)

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What is GFA?

Are the contours supposed to be floors? So you are adding up the area of all floors in each building?

One of your buildings is not in a plot boundary.

Some of your buildings consist of stacked boxes, which can mess with assumptions. SUnion fixes that. But some remain “Open Breps” instead of “solids” (Closed Breps).

Data cleanup is often an issue on projects like this, otherwise GIGO.

Here is what I have so far. Best viewed with the ‘MASSING’ layer hidden, as shown.

The yellow group labeled “Scale up/down SUnion” is garbage cleanup. It slightly scales up each building (only in the X direction) by 1.001 to give better results from SUnion, then scales them back down by the inverse scale factor. Works very well for me to avoid various glitches. There are 28 buildings after SUnion.

The purple group labeled “Plot# | Buildings | Mass Area | Plot Area” creates the text shown in white at the center of each plot and in the text panel to its right. There are 11 plots.

Plot# | Number of buildings on that plot | Sum of building areas on that plot | Plot Area

As noted, the building at the far left is not in a plot boundary.

GFA (38.5 KB)

Thank you, Joseph! This perfectly solves the problem.

Learn a couple of important new components through this exercise.
Always been struggling with contour sections grouped differently. “Shift path” has been a revelation to me.

Really appreciate your time!