General Floor Area

Hello Guys,

I ran in some problems again…
So i am trying to write something to estimate the floorplan area of geometrie quickly
for that i would like to be able to load in multiple breps and then cut slabs and see in the end what i get…
unfortunatly i always have the areas that intersect between the breps as double area and with that a wrong result!?
Could anyone point me in the right direction?BGF (13.7 KB) Example GFA.3dm (317.7 KB)

Hi -
Maybe something like this?

BGF (119.4 KB)

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You have two options with your file. Either you combine the three solids before creating the sections, or you shift the paths by -1 before creating the Region Union out of the curves. Hover your mouse on the inputs and outputs of each component to see the data structure or add a Param Viewer…

BGF (166.8 KB)

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Thank you both for the super fast response… i think the shifting is the solution i was looking for! Thank you

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