Massing Study Generator

Hello, new to grasshopper and exploring how it can help speed up my workflow process in urban massing studies.
I was curious to see if grasshopper could make quick massing studies for early face schematic design studies.
The Goals

  • generate stacked geometry from 2d linework
  • give first floor variation from other floors ex( 1st floor 20’ and 2nd floor and above at 15’)
  • calculate sq. ft of each floor and total

I have been able to achieve the stacking of the geometry from 2d linework and get the sq. ft. of each floor but I have not been able to get the first floor to be a different variable or get the total sq. ft.

Any suggestions for this script? Or know of any other grasshopper plug-ins that might already do this?


Seems your geometry is missing. Right click the marked component and Choose ‘internalize data’