Linetype scaling weirdness


We are getting weird linetype scaling issues in layouts. In a detail set to perspective view, when we are zoomed into a set of lines that have a non-continuous linetype, the curves sometimes display the linetype correctly, and other times the lines are drawn (and printed as continous).
In the included sample drawing I also get a interesting response depending upon if surfaces are visible or just curves.
Linetype scaling issue.3dm (737.4 KB)

With the surfaces layer turned on, the curves show up as solid. but with the surfaces layer turned of the lines display their hidden linetype correctly.

Zoomed further out in the detail the linetype shows up regardless if the surfaces are on or off.

The black line is a curve drawn in paperspace for reference. Noted that the dashing is not consistent between paperspace and model space.

Hopefully this helps sort things out


Hi Ian - I see this, sort of… that is, with PrintDisplay on, the zoom and linetypes seem incorrectly synced at least some of the time, and they are affected by the surface layer visibility…
It seems toggling the blue surface visibility kicks the linetype display to look correct, here at least.