Linetype definitions disappear, and default ones cannot be loaded


The linetype disappears in some files, and I cannot load the default ones. Even loading linetypes from other Rhino files doesn’t seem to work. Is this a known issue, or am I approaching it incorrectly?

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System Info.txt (12.1 KB)

Hi Benoît -

Does that mean that they disappear from the list while you are working on a file, or between closing and opening a specific file?

So, clicking that black circular arrow simply does nothing?

How far do you get when you click that yellow folder icon? Can you select an existing file, does a pop-up with linetypes appear, or does it simply do nothing at all?

Hi Wim,

By working, the file was first created one day as a new standard Rhino files.


I can select an existing file, the pop-up appears, I can say ok, the lines appear in the menu, I click on it, the lines disappear…

Hi Benoît -

You click on “it” - is there anything specific that needs to be clicked on to make this happen?

When you import linetypes from a different file, and when they appear in the list, if you then close that dialog with the red X at the top left, are you then seeing the linetype in either the Linetypes panel (so, not this document properties dialog from where you import them), or the linetypes list in the Properties panel when you select a curve in the viewport?

No, there is indeed nothing that needs to be clicked. It’s just I wanted to click on a line to check, and at this moment, the list appears white again.

But linetypes do appear in the Properties panel. But not in the Linetypes panel. So I have the impression that it’s a display problem, but one that prevents the lines from being managed.

The file in question contains a file linked as a block. It seems that if I delete the link, the lines reappear in the linetypes manager. In the linked file itself, the lines appear fine. So there must be a problem in retrieving the information between the two files?

Hi Benoît -

That appears to make some difference, yes.

When I link a 3dm file that has other linetypes defined, I see that these are not being displayed in either the Linetypes or the Document Properties -> Linetypes lists.

I’m discussing internally what should be the correct behavior here. When linking 3dm files, none of the information from that linked file can be edited, so having a linetype from such file being editable is not something that is expected.

That said, I still can’t reproduce the behavior that you describe where linetypes from a file that you import into a current file disappear from the list. Please post files that are involved and the steps I need to take to make this happen here.

Hi Wim,
Thanks for your help.

I understand that it may not make sense to be able to change the line types of the linked file. But here, it’s just strange that I can’t see the basic linetypes of the main file in the Linetype or Document Properties.

You’ll find both files, I had to delete a lot of stuff, it was far too heavy, but the behaviour still seems to happen. So normally you can try going to the lists Document Properties -> Line Types, try the black circular arrow. Or try importing line types from a new rhino file. In both cases, the list will only display a single line.

Linetypes-test-main.3dm (695.1 KB)
Linetypes-test-linked.3dm (6.7 MB)