Import linetypes not working

In settings / linetypes, I can import linetypes from another .3dm file. But when I click on OK button and close out of settings, then reopen it, the linetypes I imported are gone. H_E_L_P ! !

With that short description and no sample files, no one can help you.
I can’t repeat it.

Heres the linetypes table in a new V7 file:

I imported this pattern from another 3dm:

I saved the file, closed Rhino and reopened it.
The imported pattern is there:

What are you doing differently?

Hi Tim -
Thanks for that additional information. I see the same here in Rhino 6.
It looks like, when you have deleted the default, built-in, linetypes and then try to import those again from a file that still has those, that these won’t come in.
Importing custom linetypes (i.e. with custom names) from a different file seems to work fine.

Depending on what takes most time in your specific situation, you could create custom linetypes in your source file and import those, or import your geometry from the target file into (a copy of) the source file.

I’ve tested this issue in Rhino 8 and this issue has been fixed somewhere along the road.