Line Type - Possible Bugs?

Something funky is going on with the line type display in DocumentProperties:

Opened Up a Fresh Empty Rhino 6 DocumentProperties LineTypes look like this:

Draw a rectangle, (an object must be on the layer for the bug to occur) then change the objects Layers LineType to one of the other types:

Then back in doc properties, the continuous line style has been changed to the new linetype:

Its worth noting that the displayed object is not affected so the bug is in the menu item not the actual display pipeline.

Bug 2? Not sure what the use case of this bug are, or it could well be the intended behaviour but purging an empty file with linetypes set to yes, does not remove any line types?

Bug 3? I would assume that when an object is copied between files (ctrl+c) then the line types associated should be imported into the file? To be clear the copied object is displayed correctly but the line type is not added to the available line types in the file.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open new file A, draw a rectangle and purge with linetypes set to yes.
  2. open new file B, on layer 1 draw a rectangle and set linetype to anything other than continuous
  3. copy rectangle from file B to file A
  4. Attempt to change file A’s default layer’s linetype to match the imported rectangle, and notice how the linetype is not available:

On a side note where are the default line types stored in Rhino 6 appdata as I am unable to find to re import them if they have been purged from a document?

Hi Tom - I see this, thanks for the report.

This one does not behave as you describe here… I get the full set of linetypes in File A after the paste.


Did you draw a rectangle before the purge, and confirmed they were not there before the paste?

Hi Tom - thanks - apparently you need to Purge twice to remove all the linetypes from the UI… I’ll check that as well. I do see the problem you described now.

Cofirmed, I need to Purge twice to clear unused linetypes… do you see that?


Hmm it seems inconsistent for me,

First Test: Purge worked as expected.
Second Test: I had to purge twice.
Third test: (I wait a minute after opening to see if its a loading thing): I had to purge twice.
Forth test: I drew a rectangle and has to purge twice