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Hi all
I’m trying to create a smooth surface from a list of lines in g.h.
The lines are creating a grid with curvatures like in the example (not flat).
I tried to seperate the lines by vectors to create polylines but this option varies depending on the surface.
I thought about the end/start point…
Any idea? (54.0 KB) (70.4 KB)

You were on the right path. What about projecting the curves to make them flat, and then measuring the angles with respect to X. That way you can dispatch the lines into those parallel to X and Y. From there on you need to join them and sort them based on their location so that they can be combined with the network surface component (or with loft if you just want to use one group of curves).

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  1. You can use Weaverbird to create a mesh from lines. It does not require sorting the lines.
  2. Kangaroo has a Warp Weft component which can be used to dissect the mesh into lines of two directions.
  3. I sorted all start points of the joined B curves along the first joined A curve.
  4. That’s one way to sort the points into a grid which can be used to create a surface from points

Nice! Didn’t know about Warp Weft :heart_eyes:

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@martinsiegrist @ign24680
Thank you both!

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Thank you very much. It was really helfpul.