Create 2D Smooth Surface from lines

Hi all, I have quite a few of lines and want to create 2D surface from them.
The first thing I can imagine is to use the IsoSurface method. But as I understand, IsoSurface is a way to place a lot of spheres and merge them into a 3D mesh. The edge won’t be smooth enough even if you increase the sphere desity. And want I want is a 2D flat surface.
I wonder if there is an alternative way to achieve it.
Many thanks for the help and suggestion.

Lines to 2D Surface.3dm (351.0 KB)

you could use offset

offset (76.9 KB)


Cool, thanks Laurent!

This method is really cool, Laurent. It offsets out first then offsets in to make the inner shape more smooth.
Again, thanks very much for the help!It saves me a lot of time from tracing the profile manually. :+1:

No problem
this technique also works in 3d with Dendro. The only problem I know is that it could become jagged because Clipper and also Dendro work with finite elements (pixel and voxel)

hey Jack, first of all maybe off topic ._______. how do you make the green network line? I was wondering, I want to know the way you do it. I’m having trouble creating a similar network curve. Many thanks(:

Search with “Edge bundling”


many thanks laurent:'D