Lines from tree branch index

I’m looking to create a number of lines that should use points belonging to a data tree of the same index. e.g. point 0 of branch 0 with point 0 of branch 1 etc.

I’ve completed what I want to do but I am currently manually splitting the branches with “Explode Tree”.
The problem is if the number of input curves changes which affects the end points of the lines, I would need to add or remove branches manually to create the lines. I would like to remove the manual element of this exercise.

Any help would be much appreciated. (15.2 KB)

“Flip Matrix” (Flip)
“PolyLine” (PLine)
“Flip Matrix” (Flip)
you could probably replace the last flip with a flatten, but that is up to you depending on your data structure.

Excellent. Thanks Christoper.